Wombology Blindfolds    ~    Dance with me!

Wombology Blindfold ~ Material & Pricing

$15.00    Single Side - Microfiber

$20.00    Double Side - Microfiber

  Microfiber Colors:  Moss Green, Brick Red, Light Brown

$35.00    Single Side - Leather

$40.00    Double Side - Leather

  Leather Colors: Soft Brown, Black, Beige 

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Blindfold wrapped Guidlines Scroll

Blindfolds are one of the simplest mind altering tools for shifting our perspective and has been used in party games, spiritual traditions and intimate play for thousands of years. Removing our primary sense of sight forces us to rely on our senses of hearing and touch to see and dance with the world around us. These blindfolds have been developed for dance and exploring playful, fun and creative movement. The double sided version are reversible and can display “Dance with Me!” or "Play with me!" allowing other dancers to know you are open to dance partners in a nonverbal ecstatic dance space. 

To feel safe while sightless we must have trust and a comfortable container. If with a partner or in a community it is important to have clear boundaries so others know what is ok for you and what is not.  As long as the energy is clear and clean it really is quite fun!

To help you navigate the blindfield we’ve developed a few guidelines for usage. 

Guidelines for safe usage:

1) Know your container! Make sure the environment you wish to explore blindfolded play in is safe from sharp objects or hard edges. Soft edges with a padded and firm supportive floor are ideal. 

2) Know the people around you! When exploring with blindfolds we make ourselves vulnerable to those around us and their intentions. Share verbal agreements before the dance if needeed and have the communication you need to feel comfortable with those intentions so you can play freely. If there’s any doubt designate a friend to watch over you while you play or just save it for another day. 

3) Keep it slow and kinetically low to avoid any unnecessary injury. The more predictable and centered your movements are the easier it is for others to react accordingly. No dangley jewelry, zippers or earings.  Use blindfolds at your own risk, I’m not responsible. 

4) Keep it core! Be super mindful of the space you are using on a dance floor so as not to challenge or endanger others with your movements. Find an open spot on the dance floor and visualize a circle around you to dance in. If others come to share in a dance with you try to stay within the circle you envision and stay centered.

5) Optionally use agreed upon nonverbal hand gestures to communicate what works for you and what doesn’t.
   a) Hand Hugs = Loving it
   b) Double Tap = Not working for me

6) Stay open and allow dance partners to spiral out of a dance when they are done with continual gratitude. 

Throw this blindfold into your dance bag to bring another level of playful exploration and fun to your next dance.

Be safe and use the force to hone your jedi mindfullness and  consent skills.  
                         Dance like nobody’s watching!