Wombology is a blindfolded contact improvisational fluid free form dance and playful movement exploration allowing us to safely explore a sightless landscape of co-created movement and process spatial awareness within a constantly changing environment.

Within this sightless world we share a direct experience of co-creating collective consciousness while using nonverbal communication tools to safely navigate our boundaries and cultivate a deeper awareness of trust with ourselves and others. 

There are three soft and squishy movement zones connected by tactile pathways. A place for collective dance, a place for partnered dance and an area for solo movement and personal reflection. You are welcome to explore the area that feels right to you and change it up as you like.

Some do contact, yoga, acro, crawl, sit, lay, roll, dance, explore, move, be and generally have an awesome time in the blindfield with an emphasis on conscientious and intuitive creative movement flow.

We will do some warm up activities followed by a discussion about boundaries and safe body mechanics, then with our blindfolds on, we'll dive into three rounds of nonverbal sightless ecstatic movement bliss with sighted monitors for safety. The 1st round will be 10 min followed by a 20 min round and to end with a 30 min round. We will circle up for brief discussion time between rounds to share funny moments or balance the field as needed. 

Interact and flow with the whole in creative ways that encourage group co-creative connection and consciousness 

How it began ~

Wombology first began in 2006 while attending a 2hr blindfolded theater experience. In this experience we were told to put our things in a nook and wear a blindfold. We were not told what would happen, but could see the blindfolded participants being led one by one through a curtain. 

I put on the blindfold and a hand gently guided my shoulder quietly forward. Passing through the curtain, the hands released me and suddenly I stood before a vast expanse of the unknown and my own creativity.

Upon realization that I was free from guidance I began to twirl and dance like the wind allowing the imagination of my mind to blow my spirit in any direction fate would have of me. In the darkness I found a rope tied from a teddy bear to a bucket, a glove, sounds, boredom, dance partner, song about seaweed ice cream and a profound part of myself.

When it was over and blindfolds removed we circled up for discussion time. We learned that there were about eight character inter.actors creatively shaping the blindfield by playing instruments on the perimeter, introducing props and creatively moving the participants energy. 

Days after my blindfolded experience in an attempt to recreate and play in an evolving blindfield, I invited friends over in small groups to an event called Ecstatic Blindfolded Movement Exploration, and the format slowly began to evolve as we explored the sightless landscape.

After a number of private and public events, people were sharing with me a vast range of experiences and asking for more. Soon nonverbal communication tools were added and over the course of 10 years the format has continued to evolve into it's current 3 round (10min, 20min, 30min) form with three movement zones. 

The highest form of human intelligence is to observe yourself without judgement. ~ Krishnamurti

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