~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

Q: How can I communicate what's working for me and what isn't while blindfolded?

A:  We use agreed upon nonverbal hand gestures to communicate what works  for  you and what doesn’t.
           a)Hand Hugs = Loving it
           b)Double Tap = Not working for me

Q: Can I make sounds during a movement round?

A:   We all share a delicate sound field and while in this sensitive space one persons sounds can affect the whole group dynamic. This is a primarily nonverbal dance, however transient sounds of playfulness and relaxation are welcome. Please allow others their own journey and process in the blindfield. If the sounds of an individual triggers others unfavorably I will aid us to listen deeper as needed to make everyone comfortable in whatever weird awesome journey they are on.           

Q: Can I stop the activity at any time? 

A: All are welcome to take a break and discontinue at any time to sit back and relax.  

​Q: Can I get hurt doing this activity?

A: We encourage people to take it slow so that others have the chance to react to your change in their space. We also have sighted monitors in place to watch and make sure it all goes smoothly. I've found that the right container and to person ratio with sighted monitors are key and have had no serious injuries.

Q: Where can we find Wombology ?

A: Sessions will be ongoing in Seattle and Portland, so check back for specific dates.  We have smaller more intimate gatherings of around 8 ~ 20 as well as larger gatherings of 30 ~ 40+ people at larger venues, retreats and workshops involving discussion groups.  

New events are posted to our Facebook Group:  

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