Wombology is a somatic experiment and I'm always working on making this experience better for
participants so if you could take a moment and share, I would love to hear about your experience.
This is an anonymous feedback page and it doesn't tell me anything about who sent this unless you tell me.

Many who would like to try this have various levels of comfort with new people and the element
of the unknown. I welcome focus groups and if there are a particular group of friends
interested feel free to contact me for private facilitation. I've guided groups usually
around 8 - 20,  and as many as 60+ with additional safety monitors.

Did you feel like it was a safe container? Were the agreements clear and honored?
How was the music for you and is there something you'd like to see more or less of?
Was the surface comfortable to explore on?
Was the level of weight transfer comfortable?
Did you have the support you needed when you needed it?
How was the timing and facilitation? What could use attention?
Was it worth it and would you come again?
Was it what you expected? If not how?
Could the rounds be longer?
How were the individual rounds? The overall vibe? Did it get boring?
How were the transitions between rounds, shares and warm up activites?
Are you male or female?
Would you be interested in a all male or all female focus group?
If so do you have any co-facilitators that you'd recommend?
Is there a place that you'd like to see Wombology held?
Any other thoughts about your experience?
Where was the event held?
Roughly how large was your group?
What would be your ideal group size?


"Thanks so very much for a wonderful evening of Bliss-ed out fun and wonderful energy! Awesome blindfold dance time in the wonder of the unknown with swirling energy of love."

"Wow ~ so blissed out! Indeed. Thank you all and especially Et'han Clarkmoore for holding such a sacred intention and safe container for our experimentation within ourselves, our relations, and the field. Potent studies. ;-) Deep Gratitude."

"Thank you all so much for an awesome and amazing evening! We had some good laughs, and what an amazing experience to be a part of and witness! Truly a life changing night for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you all for sharing this with me. :D"

"Still feeling it. Thankkks to all who dared to enter blindly into the unseeable realm of sensation, breath, and watery bliss. It's so good to be back in the Womb of the Mother!"

"So sweet to explore beyond the boundaries of self--the yum, the one, the letting go--all with the most awesome of peeps. Thanks Et'han Clarkmoore!"

"Transformative trip into the space of unified consciousness of shared heart centered love. There are no words to express my gratitude for your part in opening the portal so I could embrace my [departed] brother Dave. So wonderful. Thank you Et'han Clarkmoore"